Mental health support – please help today

Last year, across Wiltshire, we held just over 1000 counselling sessions for children, young people and adults to support them with their mental health. This year, the demand is even greater.

There are an estimated 67,000 people struggling with a common mental health problem in our county. No one organisation or agency can meet this growing demand singularly, but together we can be there for everyone needing to access support.

Wiltshire Mind is an independent charity. We provide counselling and also offer peer support groups in the main towns countywide. Our services are lifelines to many, and offer a safe and confidential space to talk and share experiences.

 “Counselling has helped me realise that I am worthy, strong and deserve the same love, care and respect that I give others”. (Recent quote from an adult service user)

Sadly, the cost of providing services is increasing, yet the funding available for charities like our is in decline. We are facing an uncertain future if we cannot raise the funds to continue our work locally.

Government health and social care budgets prevent charities like ours being funded properly, and so the waiting list for support increases, and less people get the help they need.

We need to raise £465 a day.

Help us please if you can.

A £10 donation helps provide art materials for example for use in therapeutic support.

A £30 donation will fund an adult counselling session.

A £45 donation will fund a children or young person’s counselling session

A £75 donation will fund one of our peer support group meetings locally.

Your donation makes a huge difference to those needing support locally.

Our services are available to anyone living in Wiltshire, and you can find out more at

To make a donation now, please visit our Just Giving Page. Thank you.

If you, your friends or colleagues would like to help us fundraise, contact us today by email: