Wellbeing – Support for Schools

We are working with Wiltshire Schools to develop assemblies and class workshops for KS1 and KS2.  These activities encourage an age appropriate discussion on the importance of looking after our mental health.

The assemblies cover the topic of worry for KS1, how to recognise it, what to do when we feel worried and who so speak to alleviate the symptoms. In KS2, we change the language and refer to anxiety and how it feels to be anxious and also how to support feelings of anxiety. The assemblies are approximately 15 minutes long, dependant on questions and audience participation, and are a basic introduction to recognising and supporting worry and anxiety.

The class workshops continue with this theme, including activities allowing children to get involved and also to open up further discussions surrounding anxiety and worry. The workshops last approximately the length of one lesson and are tailored to both KS1 and KS2 ages.

We have also created a parent workshop to provide parents with information and guidance on how to recognise and support an anxious child. This is a short workshop lasting approximately 1 hour that focuses on listening skills and highlighting the importance of looking after themselves when supporting others.

We provide these services free to schools, however we would welcome any donation or fundraising support to help with the programme costs.

Please contact us for more information.