Young People’s Counselling

Our free counselling for children and young people provides a safe space where highly specialist counsellors use a range of creative therapeutic methods to help young people connect to, and express, their emotions. Helping young people develop coping strategies can mean they are able to thrive rather than just survive.

Our counselling for children and young people enables people aged 11-18 to talk to one of our counsellors about how they are feeling. It might be that they are experiencing problems at home or at school, or that they are finding some things in life difficult and need support to work through their thoughts and emotions.

Our counsellors help young people to make sense of what they are feeling, and develop ways of coping with difficulties so that they can enjoy life more fully. Depending on the age and need of the young person, our counsellors offer creative ways to help them express their feelings, such as through art or play.

Our sessions are currently offered both online via Zoom or in person at our Trowbridge office. The session takes place once a week at the same time, and continues for up to 24 weeks depending on the individual need. The sessions are kept confidential between the young person and the counsellor unless we have concerns about their safety.

To find out more or to register, email:

We are very grateful to our grant funders who have supported our Children and Young People Counselling service in 2022.