A year of ice baths?

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to support Wiltshire Mind.

Our supporters have fundraised for us in many different and unique ways, from video game-a-thons and bake sales, to undertaking a year of freezing showers!

Community fundraising is the life blood of Wiltshire Mind. We rely on our generous supporters to fund vital services county wide, which include counselling for both young people and adults, peer support groups, and mental health training for individuals and businesses.

So don’t worry if donning the Lycra or trainers isn’t your thing. Choose something you love to do and support the local charity that is here for you.

Wiltshire Mind – For better mental health in Wiltshire.

www.wiltshiremind.co.uk or email: fundraising@wiltshiremind.co.uk

One of our younger fundraisers!
Golfing to raise funds for Wiltshire Mind