Mental Health Awareness Training from Wiltshire Mind

Wiltshire Mind provides Mental Health Awareness Training.  Around £105bn is lost each year to the economy through lost productivity due to mental health problems. We know that 2.5 million days were lost last year due to time off work, linked to poor mental health.  Businesses can reduce their risk through recognizing early signs of mental health issues and through taking early action. Our training supports businesses and individuals.  Following our training we receive disclosures which means that we can help those individuals at the earliest point, thus reducing the risk to the individual and the business.

We provide our training to local businesses, managers/staff and can also provide the training to support those customer facing members of staff who might be dealing with the public who may have mental health issues.  Our training is delivered across Wiltshire but can also be delivered company wide to ensure that the same message is received by all staff.

We are keen to provide our training to organisations, businesses and schools.

Our current offer:

Mental Health Awareness Training.  This is a morning or afternoon session.  The training helps people to understand more about the most common mental health issues and conditions, how to spot the signs, deal effectively and appropriately with someone who may have a mental health condition in the workplace and enables people to know what other help is available locally.

Stress/Anxiety and Mindfulness Sessions have been requested by many companies who are experiencing staff with stress issues.  This is a 3 hour session, 2 hours on Stress/Anxiety and 1 hour on Mindfulness.

2 day Mental Health First Aid Training – accredited

This course is a Mental Health First Aid course which delivers training to provide your business with Mental Health First Aiders. This training is indepth Mental Health Training.

Our training is flexible and we work with you to incorporate any key messages for staff or policies/procedures.  Each course can be tailored to suit individual company needs.

To discuss your needs, please contact Carolyn at Wiltshire Mind Head Office on: 01225 706532

or email